4D Ultrasound

Premium Treatment for All OBGYN Needs

Our facility use only state-of-the art equipment for all procedures and examinations to provide you with the best in OBGYN care.

Dealing in several specialties

Our practice provides several specialty services to assist you with infertility treatment, incontinence treatment, sexual wellbeing, family planning, and much more, so you can get on with your life and plans.

Parent and child planning

Whether you're encountering problems with conceiving or you're done having children at this stage in your life, we offer a wide line of options to gain the results you want. We offer such treatments as: infertility services, intrauterine insemination, Implanon, Nexplanon, Essure, Mirena IUD, Paragard IUD and Skyla.

Advanced testing

Know about any complications or issues at the earliest moment and receive the best available treatment through our practice. We specialize in providing you with: Urodynamics (using state-of-the-art equipment to treat urinary leakage/incontinence), endometrial biopsies, minimally invasive gynecological surgeries, Nexplanon and tubal ligation. We also offer LAVH, Supra cervical hysterectomy, and laparoscopic TVT O (obturator approach) to meet to all your gynecological and obstetric needs.

Check up

We work with all ages from adolescent to geriatric.